Sterling Dump Trucks

Ford Sterling Dump Trucks Company transmits the entire line of Ford medium and light duty dump trucks. They contain the F250, F150 and F350 pick up dump trucks and dump truck vans.

They also provide super-duty F550, F450, F750 and F650 dump truck cabs and medium duty Ford LCF550 and LCF450 dump trucks. They provide complete service dealership to the contractors and devoted entirely to Sterling and Ford dump truck sales and other used parts, service and trucks. These are also the certified dealers for Mercedes Benz, Detroit , Caterpillar and Cummins diesel engines and Allison mechanical transmissions.

Different Dump Trucks from Sterling Dump Trucks Company

Sterling AT9513 Dump Truck


  • Smooth and efficient
  • Ergonomically advanced
  • Keep operating costs strongly restricted
  • It is one of the topmost highway transporters of the industry.

Sterling Condor Dump Truck


  • Large variety of transmissions available with numerous PTO locations
  • Customer engineered for the demanding professions
  • Used on construction sites

Sterling ’s LT9522 Dump Truck


  • Containing complete programmable electronic controls and flywheel PTO
  • 120,000 psi frames such as inverted-L, single channel and double channel and is extra high tensile. It also contains battery box, Clean CA fuel tank and exhaust design makes simpler body mounting.
  • Huge windshield, inclined hood and deep cut side windows for excellent small lines in all directions – enhanced by visibility development alternatives such as multiple spot mirrors, motorized mirrors and a lower observation port.
  • A set-back front axis for correct weight allotment linked with stand power steering for simple direction through the rigid spots.
  • Large selection of heavy duty rear delays like new Sterling Turf model – severe service, a low maintenance and six rod suspension providing great communication having same axle loads

Sterling Acterra Dump Truck


  • This dump truck is more flexible, more durable, tougher and more customized as compared to medium duty dump trucks.
  • 120,000 psi frame
  • Engines – 350 hp
  • 46K tandem axles
  • Classes 5 to 8 models