Tips to Drive Your Dump Truck Safely

For new operators, a heavy truck such as a dump truck can prove difficult to drive. With a little practice, you will be able safely and responsibly operate a dump truck on any job site. To avoid accidents, you will need to be familiar with the unique workings of dump trucks.

DeBary Truck Sales, located in Sanford, Florida is your dump truck dealer. Here are some tips to help you drive your dump truck.

When on the Road

It is vital to keep your eyes on the road when driving your dump truck around city streets. This is true for any heavy machinery. You could collide with other vehicles ahead of yours if you’re careless or speedy. Maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicles ahead.

If you have to reverse your truck, ask a colleague worker to spot you and help you out. Spotter will notify you when to stop or change your course to avoid any obstacles.

To ensure that your dump truck is not stuck in low-clearance tunnels, bridges, or other passageways, it’s important to be aware of its height. If your dump truck isn’t able to fit, you can cause serious damage and create a traffic jam.


It is important that your dump truck’s loads are balanced and secured at work sites. To keep the center of gravity lower, avoid filling the top of the dump box. Trucks with a higher center of gravity are more likely to tip. Be sure to pack all materials low and evenly distribute them from front to back and side to side. If you have to confine the load, place a tarp on top. Most states require it.

Safety Tips

To prevent loose material from sliding off your truck’s tracks, only dump the truck’s load on a flat surface. Don’t raise your truck bed! Although this may seem like a convenient way to travel short distances, it can be dangerous because of the possibility that power lines or other obstacles could be above your truck bed.

Make sure you are aware of all people and obstacles around your truck. It is not a good idea to accidentally dump the truck bed onto vehicles or people behind you. Use headsets, hand signals, and clear communication to make sure everyone is away from the area you intend to dump the load.

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When driving

It is one thing to drive your dump truck on the roads, but it is quite another to do so fully loaded. It is important to remember that heavier vehicles are more difficult to slow down. You should not speed when transporting cargo. Keep an eye on your surroundings and keep away from other drivers.

When backing up

A dump truck comes with a large box that can hold bulky materials. You need to be careful when backing up. Pay attention to the length of the dump truck and how high it can lift. To help you navigate the area, it is best to have someone behind the truck. If you’re not accompanied, you should still inspect the area. Be aware of power lines and branches that could be hit by the dump truck.

While filling your dump box

You should pack your materials evenly and low when loading your dump truck. Don’t fill your dump truck with too much. It can cause tipping as the center of gravity rises. It can also affect your ability to drive the truck. Cover your load with a tarp. You should always use a tarp to protect your cargo.

Keep well maintained

Your responsibility is to maintain your dump truck in good condition. It involves performing scheduled oil changes and inspecting the truck’s components. Before you drive the truck, it is essential to ensure that everything is in order. It is a good idea to take your dump truck to a professional if you don’t know how to evaluate it properly. Do not operate your truck without repairing the damage.

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Dump Truck Operation: Injuries and Incidents

Backover incidents of people and other equipment. OSHA says that the bulk of backover incidents occurred in the last ten years, with semi-trucks following dump trucks and regular pickups.

Tipping over the entire truck or bed of an articulated dump truck. Operators and ground personnel can be seriously injured by tip-overs.

Property damage incidents. Property damage incidents can be costly due to the size of these trucks as well as the limited space at certain job sites.

Contact with electric lines. Contact with overhead powerlines can occur by raising or lowering the dump bed.

Slips, trips, and falls are possible. Operators who climb on and off the equipment several times per day run the risk of falling when getting into and out of cabs.

The Best Practices for Operating and Working around Dump Trucks

Do not back up if you can. Unnecessary backing-up can lead to many incidents. Establish work areas to allow operators to pull through, instead of backing up.

Spotters should only be used when necessary. Spotters must stay out of the blind spots and away from trucks in case of tipping.

Always dump on flat, even ground. Once the load has been dumped, raise the bed just enough to remove the load before you drive off. Driving with the bed up can cause contact with electric lines and tipping.

Before you return to the cab, do a walk-around around your truck. You should inspect the truck for any vehicles or persons that may be in your blind spots.

Human Performance Considerations

This equipment can be easy to get complacent. When operating a dump truck, it is important to remain focused. If you are not comfortable or trained for the job, stop working. When it comes to driving dump trucks, not all haul roads or tasks are the same. If boredom or fatigue sets in, take breaks. Neglecting to pay attention behind the wheel can have serious consequences.

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