Dump Truck Cake

One can get the idea of making cake by getting motivated from the dump trucks. Every one feels elated when the cake consists of a dump truck inscribed on it and cut this cake on his or her birthday parties. This type of cake is mostly prepared on the birthday parties and on any other occasion.

How to Prepare Dump Truck Cakes

Materials Required

  • 9 inch * 13 inch and 12 inch * 18 inch masonite board
  • 8 screws to embrace the rods to each board
  • Butter cream icing
  • Four two and a half inch long pin rods which are used in attaching to boards along with screws
  • One small pretzel rod for the smoke stack
  • Four chocolate cookies to collapse for the weight
  • Star tips, generally #14, #16 and for the tires, #22

Baking of Cakes Required

  • Four cupcakes
  • 29 inch * 13 inch sheet cakes

Assembling the Board

First of all, holes are drilled for connecting the rods and small board. Then the cake is placed on the smaller board. Holes are used to mark the huge board and then again drill these. Frost the center of the huge board with the dark chocolate icing which will appear like a road and then connect the dowels. Then frost the sides of the road in green color. One can use a smooth grass tip. The masonite immerses all the oil in the icing and this in turn alters the color. In this way, the board is assembled.

Assembling the Cake

One should cut and collect all the pieces of cake which are required. The best way to make a cake is one can contact a dump truck driver for cutting the cake in the form of dump truck.

The following materials are required:-

  • One unusually cut cab formed cake piece
  • One 9 inch * 13 inch for the bottom
  • One wedge formed to assemble on the 9 * 8 towards the front of the piece of the dump truck
  • Four cupcakes
  • 19 inch * 8 inch or for the dump

Cupcakes should be laid alongside the gathering of the board and then cut to be in the shape under the top board. Then place the sides of the wheels and ice with a zigzag motion and a star tip. One can also use toothpicks while making a dump truck cake. Finally, wrap the back of the cab window with yellow stars and outline it with a strip of black stars. Then crush the cookies and shower them on the dump truck’s back. In this way, one can make the desired dump truck cake.

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